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You might be crying out loud
But here’s someone you can’t think about.
For a while without a smile
Creeping onto your face.

She’s not vain, but this song is about her.
And I can’t think of one reason to doubt her
When she said “it won’t go to my head
But I won’t listen to it just in case.”

So, she sure is a-one of a kind
A picture of what you always hoped you’d find.
It won’t fall apart ‘cause this work of art
Can make it on its own.

The tales she spins keep me coming back.
And she talks so fast that I tend to lose track.
I can’t keep up, but I can’t give up
‘Til I tell her what she needs to know.

Zoe is a good girl, she could take the whole world,
She’s the best one that you’ve never heard of,
She should be on TV, or in the movies,
‘Cause any world’s a stage with her on.

Oh she could be famous;
With a smile so contagious.
She’d be right at home, but who can tell?
She could be so many things, but that’s the funny thing
She’s ok just being herself.

You ask who’s standing before us
I guess you could say, yeah, she’s kinda gorgeous.
But when she’s here, I’m quite aware
That’s it’s kinda hard to stay objective.

I wish that you all could meet her.
For she moves too fast a picture.
When she plays, looks at you that way.
She knows exactly what the effect is.

It’s such a pity that there’s nobody quite the same.
Take note, take one good look, ‘cause she’s putting us all to shame.

I’m sure you’ll see her sometime,
If she don’t get burned by the limelight.
But she was always smart enough to stay ahead of the game.


from Picomono, released December 25, 2011


all rights reserved



Huw Rees UK

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