The Way It Should Be

from by Huw Rees

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Once there was this little girl who was never seen without a smile upon her face.
She loved and was loved by everybody who ever got to witness her grace.

Who could ever look her in the eye and say “be mine”?
It’s about time.

And Johnny comes along,
A bit oblivious, but he really wasn’t looking for anything,
Like a house ablaze they got along but little did he know that it would end up with a ring,

On her finger.
As they sat round the spinner.

They were always destined to be together,
A thing of beauty Man can neither break nor render.

There was no keeping them apart.
It was in the books from the start.
It was always part of the plan,
And then life began.

Who knew, who saw it coming, everybody saw how it would play out in the end,
They all dreamt of it, ‘cause they all wanted it, they’d love to fall in (1) love with their best friend.

But it’s not a fantasy,
Just the way it should be.

Finally, one night when they were standing side by side, and looking up at the burning sky,
He took her by the hand and she smiles and he smiles but they’ll never ever take their eyes

Off the one thing
That keeps them going.

They don’t have spin the tale, just turn the pages,
It’s not some empty poetry
It’s a love song for the ages.

Johnny and her girl don’t know where they go from here but they don’t care.


from Picomono, released December 25, 2011


all rights reserved



Huw Rees UK

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