Case Of The Yous

from by Huw Rees

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It started with my heart just skipping a beat,
A belly-full of butterflies each time we’d meet
But every look you throw my way, seems to make it worse.

Now I’m lucky if I can think straight,
I try to look away when you radiate,
How am I supposed to break this beautiful curse.

Why did you have to slam the door shut?
Hearing it hit me like a punch to the gut.
But I know what I’d prefer if I had to choose.

But no matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t find a way to fill me up inside
So I started to come down – with a case of the yous.

Now I never ever want to hear myself say:
“She was the one that got away”
I’m not the kind to let the catch of a lifetime go.

I don’t know how, but you’ve got me hooked,
Take a double-take at what you overlooked
If you ever feel like going against the flow.

They say there’s plenty more fish in the sea –
That I’m below you by some 20,000 leagues;
The more I fall, the deeper I end up in the blues.

So I end up fumbling around,
For the right words so it doesn’t sound,
Like I’ve got a bad case of the yous.

If only I could get you out of my head,
Fill it up with thoughts of someone else instead,
But I know that just aint a possibility.

Dreams of you (even when I’m awake)
Make it kind of hard for me to concentrate.
So please let it be more than an exercise in futility.

You’ve given me a lethal does,
You’re about to make me go comatose
But this moment here I just can’t bring myself to lose.

Can you see you got me talking double-dutch,
‘Cause you’re proving just a little too much

For me, so now I’m through,
Please tell me what to do,
So I can be rid of this bad, bad, bad, bad case of the yous.


from Picomono, released December 25, 2011


all rights reserved



Huw Rees UK

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