by Huw Rees

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released December 25, 2011

Huw Rees
Phil Martin (drums)


all rights reserved



Huw Rees UK

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Track Name: Where It All Began
I get the distinct feeling,
Amidst injuries and healings
That there’s something that I’ve missed,
‘Cause I’m punching with slow-motion fists.

Can you tell me who turned on the lights when the towers fell.
I can’t make out a word you’re saying from the bottom of the well…

I can’t jump yet another hole,
Even the one filling the North Pole.
‘Cause every mountain I climb is just another hurdle,
Feels like I’m going round in Arctic circles.

I thought I was winning,
But I’ve got losing down to an art
So I’ll start again at the beginning
‘Cause that’s a very good place to start.

I’ve been running around the world, looking for answers
To questions I never asked – it’s the wind I’m chasing after.
Maybe it’s not upto me, to do everything I can,
So it’s back to where it, back to where it all began.

The life of Brian’s always been
A quest to disprove the unseen
But if he found out everything
It would change next to nothing.

But before he goes to Dreamland
He’ll try to single-handedly
Convince you that there’s no such thing as a singularity.

And suddenly out of the blue
You see the seas are torn in two.
And you say without hesitance
“Oh what a wonderful accident”

I’ve been running around the world, looking for answers
To questions I never asked – it’s the wind I’m chasing after.
Maybe it’s not upto me, to do everything I can,
So it’s back to where it, back to where it all began.

I thought that I had found it
That I was surrounded
By strangers and angels,
History and fables.

I’ve been running around the world, looking for answers
To questions I never asked – it’s the wind I’m chasing after.
Maybe it’s not upto me, to do everything I can,
So it’s back to where it, back to where it all began.

Back to where it all began.
Come with me, and we’ll be free
To do everything we can,
To go back to where it all began.
Track Name: Paper Planes
Of all the stupid things to do
I had to go and fall for you.
I know this is the first you’ve heard of it.

I had so much to say
But it had to wait one more day.
Now neither space nor time will permit.

There are a million letters
Tied down, but not by fetters,
Wishing they all could just fly out of here.

So I fold them up so neatly
But I am not completely sure
That it’s a song you’ll ever get to hear.

If only paper planes could reach you
they’d deliver a message I’ve had all along.

Don’t wait like me,
Catch them while you can,
Before they’re gone.
I just thought you’d like to know
That you’re my only one.

What if in some dimension
They had a destination
Leaving the sky bathed in white.

I gaze into my crystal ball
And see you staring at them all
Trying to make them out in the pale moonlight.

I’d order every boat in my command to find you,
But I fear that that ship has long sailed.

My only wish is that these paper planes could do what I couldn’t do
And tell you how I feel.
Track Name: The Way It Should Be
Once there was this little girl who was never seen without a smile upon her face.
She loved and was loved by everybody who ever got to witness her grace.

Who could ever look her in the eye and say “be mine”?
It’s about time.

And Johnny comes along,
A bit oblivious, but he really wasn’t looking for anything,
Like a house ablaze they got along but little did he know that it would end up with a ring,

On her finger.
As they sat round the spinner.

They were always destined to be together,
A thing of beauty Man can neither break nor render.

There was no keeping them apart.
It was in the books from the start.
It was always part of the plan,
And then life began.

Who knew, who saw it coming, everybody saw how it would play out in the end,
They all dreamt of it, ‘cause they all wanted it, they’d love to fall in (1) love with their best friend.

But it’s not a fantasy,
Just the way it should be.

Finally, one night when they were standing side by side, and looking up at the burning sky,
He took her by the hand and she smiles and he smiles but they’ll never ever take their eyes

Off the one thing
That keeps them going.

They don’t have spin the tale, just turn the pages,
It’s not some empty poetry
It’s a love song for the ages.

Johnny and her girl don’t know where they go from here but they don’t care.
Track Name: Lived For
Seven-sixteen a.m. and the snow is falling
Flakes make shapes on the window
A voice explains that just last night
You passed through the valley of the shadow

You won’t have to feel the cold anymore
You won’t have to fight another war.

All things pale to insignificance
Upon news that you’ve gone
You won’t have to take another chance
Because you’re free from the world and its wrongs.

You won’t have to feel the cold anymore
You won’t have to fight another war.
I wish that, that they could see what you saw
And live their lives for what you lived for.

Goodbye, goodbye
I’ll see you soon again one day
Goodbye, goodbye,
Far from where you now lay your head.

Now you have been made perfect
Gone are the frail hands that shook.
Not because you deserved it
But because of the grace that you took.
Track Name: Escape
How on earth did we end up in this place
Lose ground, lose our way and lose face?
All that I remember are the glowing embers
Of what’s gone, and I long for the good old days.

I can’t seem to move, I just can’t seem to breathe.
But I know that I’m not going to be the first to bleed.
What’s happened to your voice; what’s happened to the choice
We used to be able to choose to be free.

Time’s up, the time is now
I think it’s high time that we broke out
And get off this one-way road to nowhere

We’ve gone too far, now it’s too late
For us to think we can bring about change
But it’s not yet time to despair.

The escape of the century
Is the only way that we
Can ever hope to wake from this nightmare.

Now’s the time, tonight’s the night, now’s the chance for us to fly,
So get up, get up, ‘cause we’re getting out of here.

It’s my fault – I should have never thrown away the key.
Hindsight’s quite a thing if you’re in charge of your own destiny.
Would you care to whale on the war drum; seeing that you gift-wrapped your freedom?
Get ready, to be the best you can be.

There’s nothing left for us here, there’s no reason to stay.
There’s no chance for us to best the plans that we (have) laid.
The top is right before us, but look who’s fighting for us,
No there’s no reason to be afraid!

Don’t give up
All because
It was never
Down to luck.

We’re going over
The top together.
The order’s come through,
We won’t get another.

It’s upto you
To open the gates.
It’s all we have to do to
Make our escape.
Track Name: Zoe
You might be crying out loud
But here’s someone you can’t think about.
For a while without a smile
Creeping onto your face.

She’s not vain, but this song is about her.
And I can’t think of one reason to doubt her
When she said “it won’t go to my head
But I won’t listen to it just in case.”

So, she sure is a-one of a kind
A picture of what you always hoped you’d find.
It won’t fall apart ‘cause this work of art
Can make it on its own.

The tales she spins keep me coming back.
And she talks so fast that I tend to lose track.
I can’t keep up, but I can’t give up
‘Til I tell her what she needs to know.

Zoe is a good girl, she could take the whole world,
She’s the best one that you’ve never heard of,
She should be on TV, or in the movies,
‘Cause any world’s a stage with her on.

Oh she could be famous;
With a smile so contagious.
She’d be right at home, but who can tell?
She could be so many things, but that’s the funny thing
She’s ok just being herself.

You ask who’s standing before us
I guess you could say, yeah, she’s kinda gorgeous.
But when she’s here, I’m quite aware
That’s it’s kinda hard to stay objective.

I wish that you all could meet her.
For she moves too fast a picture.
When she plays, looks at you that way.
She knows exactly what the effect is.

It’s such a pity that there’s nobody quite the same.
Take note, take one good look, ‘cause she’s putting us all to shame.

I’m sure you’ll see her sometime,
If she don’t get burned by the limelight.
But she was always smart enough to stay ahead of the game.
Track Name: Case Of The Yous
It started with my heart just skipping a beat,
A belly-full of butterflies each time we’d meet
But every look you throw my way, seems to make it worse.

Now I’m lucky if I can think straight,
I try to look away when you radiate,
How am I supposed to break this beautiful curse.

Why did you have to slam the door shut?
Hearing it hit me like a punch to the gut.
But I know what I’d prefer if I had to choose.

But no matter how hard I tried
I couldn’t find a way to fill me up inside
So I started to come down – with a case of the yous.

Now I never ever want to hear myself say:
“She was the one that got away”
I’m not the kind to let the catch of a lifetime go.

I don’t know how, but you’ve got me hooked,
Take a double-take at what you overlooked
If you ever feel like going against the flow.

They say there’s plenty more fish in the sea –
That I’m below you by some 20,000 leagues;
The more I fall, the deeper I end up in the blues.

So I end up fumbling around,
For the right words so it doesn’t sound,
Like I’ve got a bad case of the yous.

If only I could get you out of my head,
Fill it up with thoughts of someone else instead,
But I know that just aint a possibility.

Dreams of you (even when I’m awake)
Make it kind of hard for me to concentrate.
So please let it be more than an exercise in futility.

You’ve given me a lethal does,
You’re about to make me go comatose
But this moment here I just can’t bring myself to lose.

Can you see you got me talking double-dutch,
‘Cause you’re proving just a little too much

For me, so now I’m through,
Please tell me what to do,
So I can be rid of this bad, bad, bad, bad case of the yous.